Floor 2 Extension Guide

Quiet Zone:

Phone use; silent texting only. No food or hot/cold drinks (except water). Conversations should be quiet and short (a few words or sentences). Please do not disturb others from studying with your conversation.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, customers with mobility impairment should wait in the nearest protected refuge until contacted by Library staff/security.

= Refuge

Classmark Guide:
Q  General Science
Q 175  Philosophy of Science
QA  Mathematics
QA 273-280 Statistics
QA 73-80 Computer Science
QA 73-80 Computer Science
QB  Astronomy
QC  Physics and Engineering Science
QD  Chemistry and Biochemistry
QE  Geology
QE- QG  Geosciences
QH  Biology
QH-QR  Biological Sciences
QK  Plant Sciences
QL  Zoology
QM  Human Anatomy
QP  Physiology
QR  Bacteriology and Microbiology
R  Medicine (General)
RA  Public Aspects of Medicine
RB  Pathology
RC  Internal Medicine
RD  General Surgery
RE  Ophthalmology
RF  Otorhinolaryngology
RG  Gynaecology of Obstetrics
RJ  Paediatrics
RK  Dentistry
RL  Dermatology
RM  Therapeutics, Pharmacology
R-RZ  Medicine
RS  Pharmacy
RX  Homeopathy
RZ  Other Systems of Medicine
TJ  Mechanical and Control Engineering
TK  Electrical, Electronic and Nuclear Engineering
TL  Automobile and Aeronautical Engineering
TN-TP  Mineral and Chemical Technology
TR  Photography
TS-TT  Manufacturing and Craft Industries
T-TH  General, Civil and Environmental Engineering
U  Military Science and Technology
U 29-35  Military Science in Antiquity
V  Naval Science and Technology
V 37-39  Naval Science in Antiquity