Floor 3 Extension Guide

Quiet Zone:

Phone use; silent texting only. No food or hot/cold drinks (except water). Conversations should be quiet and short (a few words or sentences). Please do not disturb others from studying with your conversation.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, customers with mobility impairment should wait in the nearest protected refuge until contacted by Library staff/security.

= Refuge

Classmark Guide:
[qto] DA 25+  Calendars of State Papers
PS  American Literature
PT  German, Scandinavian
PT 1100-1479  Anthologies of German Literature
PT 1501-2728  German Literature by and About All Individual Authors
PT 1799-2592  Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Authors A-Z
PT 1-951  Histories of German Literature
PT 241-279  Renaissance German literature
PT 2600-2653  Twentieth Century Authors (1870-1960) A-Z
PT 2660-2688  Late Twentieth Century Authors (1960-1999) A-Z
PT 2700-2728  Contemporary Authors (2000-) A-Z
PT 3801-3971  German Language and Literature from Outside Germany
Z  History of the Book and Bibliography, Palaeography
Z 105-114  Palaeography