Floor 3 Guide

Quiet Zone:

Phone use; silent texting only. No food or hot/cold drinks (except water). Conversations should be quiet and short (a few words or sentences). Please do not disturb others from studying with your conversation.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, customers with mobility impairment should wait in the nearest protected refuge until contacted by Library staff/security.

= Refuge

Classmark Guide:
B  General Philosophy, History
B 165-626  Greek and Roman Philosophy
B 2750-2799  Philosophy - Kant
B 2900-2949  Philosophy - Hegel
B 3100-3149  Philosophy - Schopenhauer
B 3310-3318  Philosophy - Nietzsche
B 770-785  Renaissance Philosophy
B Philosophy and Religion
BC  Logic
BD  Metaphysics
BF  Psychology
BH  Aesthetics
BJ  Ethics
BL  Comparative Religion
BL 700-820  Classical Religion and Mythology
BM  Judaism
BP  Islam
BR  Christianity - History
BR 290-440  Renaissance Religion
BS  Bible
BT  Christian Theology
BV  Christian Practice
BX  Christian Denominations
CB 359-369  Renaissance Civilization
CC  Archeology
CE  Chronology
C-F  History
CJ  Numinismatics
CN  Inscriptions, Epigraphy
D-F  History
D  Ancient History (General)
D  General, European History
DA  British History
DA  Roman Britain
DA 250-497  Renaissance England
DA 681-2  Renaissance London
DC  French History
DC 33.3, 101-130  Renaissance France
DC 727-9  Renaissance Paris
DD 1-901  German History
DD 65, 171-190  Renaissance Germany
DD 901.N9-.N94  Renaissance Nürnberg
DE  Greco-Roman World
DE-DG  Ancient Greek and Roman History
DF  Ancient Greece
D-F  History (Arranged by Country)
DG  Ancient Italy
DG  Italian History
DG 401 Italian History
DG 403, 445 & 523-537  Renaissance Italy
DG 675.6 & 676.9-678  Renaissance Venice
DG 735.6 & 737-738  Renaissance Florence
DG 797  Renaissance Rome
DG 847.17-848.12  Renaissance Naples
DG 975  Other Italian Cities and Regions
DK  Slavic History
DP  Spanish History
DR  East European History
DS  Arab, Jewish, Indian, Asian History
DT  African History
DU  Australian History
E-F  North and South American History
G  Geography
GT 585  Renaissance Fashion
M-N  Music and Fine Arts
N  Art
N 5320-5899  Ancient Art
N 6861-6886  German Art
N 6370-75 & 6915  Renaissance Art
NA  Architecture, Mosaics
NA 210-340  Ancient Architecture
NA 510 & 1115-1123  Renaissance Architecture
NB  Sculpture
NC  Drawing, Graphic Design
NB 190 & 615-623  Renaissance Sculpture
NB 69-169  Ancient Sculpture
NC 85 & 255-257  Renaissance Drawing
ND  Painting, Manuscript Illumination
ND 170-172 & 615-623  Renaissance Painting
ND 70-130  Ancient Painting
NE  Printmaking
NK  Applied and Decorative Arts, Interior Decoration etc
NK 3800-3855  Ancient Pottery
NK 4620-4654  Vases
NX  Arts in General (Books Dealing with Art, Literature, Film, Music etc Together)
P  Linguistics
P  Languages, Literatures Theatre and Film
PA  Classical Philology and Literature
PA  Greek and Latin
PA 8001-8155 & 8450-8595  Renaissance Literature in Latin
PC 1000-1999  Italian Language
PC  Romance Languages
PC 3200-3359  French Language
PE  English Language
PF 3000-5999  German Language
PF 3120.B8  German Language for Business
PG  Slavic
PL  Chinese
PN  General Literature, Film
PN 1600-3200  Drama and Theatre
PN 1991  Radio
PN 1992  Television
PN 1993  Video
PN 2679-2686  Renaissance Theatre
PN 3220-3229  Film Theory
PN 3220-3279  Film
PN 3230-3241  Aspects of Film-Making
PN 3242-3249  Film Genre
PN 3250-3273  Film History by Country
PN 3266  German Film
PN 3274-3277  Film Individual Actors or Directors
PN 3278-3279  Critique of Individual Films
PQ 1101-1297  French Literature - Collections
PQ 1300-2686  French Literature
PQ 1-3999  French Literature
PQ 1600-1937  Renaissance French Authors A-Z
PQ 1-841  French Literature - History and Theory
PQ 230-251  Renaissance French Literature
PQ 3801-3999  French Literature - From Countries Outside France
PQ 4000-5900  Italian Literature
PQ 4075-6 & 4204.A5/6  Renaissance Italian Literature
PQ 4101-03 & 4213.A5/6  Renaissance Italian Poetry
PQ 4139-59 & 4231-36  Renaissance Italian Drama
PQ 416-423  Renaissance French Poetry
PQ 4165, 4172, 4249 & 4253 Renaissance Italian Prose
PQ 4561-4666  Renaissance Italian Authors A-Z
PQ 521-528  Renaissance French Drama
PQ 6000-6999  Spanish Literature
PQ 613-615  Renaissance French Prose
PQ 7000-8999  Latin American Literature
PQ 9000-9999  Portuguese Literature
PR  English Literature
PR 2199-3198  Renaissance English Authors A-Z
PR 2750-3120  Shakespeare
PR 411-9, 431-439  Renaissance English Literature
PR 521-549  Renaissance English Poetry
PR 646-699  Renaissance English Drama
PR 769, 833-844  Renaissance English Prose